Cat Sitter Checklist – Top 5 Cat Sitting Essentials

Cat Sitter Checklist - Top 5 Cat Sitting Essentials

Your bags are packed for your holiday getaway. Now it’s time to prepare for your cat sitter.

Your cat sitter will thank you (and so will your cat) for thinking ahead when they see the following items waiting for them.

Our Top 5 Cat Sitter Must Haves

1. Emergency contact information
Emergency contacts are crucial, especially if you will be out of state or the country. No one wants an emergency situation, but it is great to be prepared. Be sure to include the contact’s phone number, even two if possible.

2. Plenty of cat food and treats
Some cats have specific diets. Your cat’s exact food may not be possible to find. Amazon is wonderful; however, it will be less stressful for all involved if the food/treats are readily available when your sitter arrives.

3. Paper towels/cleaning supplies
Your cat sitter may use paper towels to clean and to dry your kitty’s dishes. Also, cleaning supplies are great if your cat decides to “go” outside of the litter box.

4. Extra kitty litter
Kitty litter brands are not made equally; therefore, be sure to leave a litter your cat is familiar with. Specific kitty litter disposal instructions may be helpful, as well – is your garbage can located in the garage, back yard, etc.?

5. Cat nip
Cats love cat nip (at least every cat we have ever cared for at Out For A Walk). Cat nip is a great way for your sitter to bond with your cat. Your cat will definitely thank you for thinking of them!

*Bonus – Laser pointer
Hours and hours of entertainment!

Happy Travels

So, those were our 5 must have cat sitting essentials. Cat sitters have specific items they find helpful, so be sure to touch base with your cat sitter before your travels begin.

Don’t have a cat sitter lined up? Click here to learn more about our cat sitting services.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Out For A Walk!



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