Could Your Dog Benefit From A Daily Dog Walk?

Could Your Dog Benefit From A Daily Dog WalkOne of the dogs I care for was very shy – we go on a daily dog walk, Monday through Friday. However, I have noticed a new sense of confidence in him. Keep reading to find out how Biscuit has benefited from daily dog walks.

This is a bit of the back-story. Biscuit would stand way back with his head down when he heard me entering the back door. He would then walk slowly toward the door where I was standing.

Some dogs are a bit apprehensive when others enter their home, but Biscuit showed signs of anxiety – lack of eye contact, unsure footing, lowered head and tail.

Results from a daily dog walk:

We have come so far in the past several months by going on a daily dog walk. Biscuit is a new dog when I enter the door.

I am happy to report Biscuit is more confident upon my arrival. I now find him waiting by the backdoor when I arrive. No more skittish behavior.

Not only is Biscuit waiting by the door, but he also looks up at his leash. Yes, he is a very smart dog!

This new sense of confidence can also be seen in his desire to explore his neighborhood. Biscuit happily goes potty several times along our walking route.

It is a wonderful thing to see the transformation in this loving dog.

Our walks are 30 minutes a day, that’s it, but 30 minutes well spent. The rewards gained from Biscuit’s time walking each day are priceless.

Dogs love to explore. They are hardwired to do so.

Don’t have 30 minutes a day to walk your pooch? That’s okay; you too can hire a dog walker that you trust and one that will show love and attention to your fur ball.

Benefits from a daily dog walk:

-You save yourself time.
-Your pup gets the exercise they need, as well as tools to be a happy and healthy dog.
-You’re supporting a local business.

It’s a win-win for you, your pet and the walker.



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