How Does My Dog Walker Handle My House/Apartment Key?

This is a common question. Pet owners want to know the process of handing over their key to their future dog walker.

There are a couple of ways to insure the safety of your keys. The first way of insuring your anonymity is that your key will never have any indicator disclosing your address or name! Each key is marked with a code that only the administrator of Out For A Walk has access to. The key is then locked in the safe. If a key is found or misplaced, the only revealing information will be a code that means nothing to the reader.

The second way to insure your anonymity is to use a lock box. This is the same lock box realtors use during Open House days. Your key will never leave the premises. Out For A Walk only asks that you not remove the key from the box without first notifying us – it would be difficult if a walker showed up to walk Fido and the key was not there. Poor Fido!

Out For A Walk is fully Bonded and Insured. In short, your personal space and your pets are priority. We take our business seriously and want you to have peace of mind when hiring us.


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