GPS Tracking Options for Dog Owners

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As a pet owner, one of our biggest fears is the family pet being stolen, lost or running
away. Dogs are considered part of our family, in many households today, and the thought
of Fido getting out is a scary thing. The 4th of July is one of the worst times for your dog; shelters are inundated with lost pets, who become spooked and take off, simply to
escape the “noise” from fireworks. Having a GPS Tracking system, is really a great idea, no matter what
time of year it is. The peace of mind, worth the investment!

When it comes to finding the best option for you and your dog, it takes some research and
may even take some trial and error. Dependent upon what you as a pet parent need for
your situation, there are a variety of options available.

You’ll want to take into consideration the functionality and wear – ability when it comes to
your GPS tracker. The options range from a simple tag for the budget minded, collars with
built in tracking systems and a simple tracker that you can attach to a collar or a leash.

Tags for the Budget Conscious


When talking “tags” these won’t offer real time tracking, however they have a scannable
feature, which allows the finder to scan the tag, at which time you will immediately be
notified of the scan and provided exact GPS location of the scan.

Many opt for this feature as there is virtually no cost. You purchase a tag, log onto a website, input your
pet’s info and just like that your info will be linked to the tag. The finder will receive the
data on your pet allowing them to contact you and notify you Fido has been found. There
are no monthly fees, subscriptions are not required and the tags are durable and will last
for some time.

The one downside is that unless the tag is scanned, you will not be able to locate your pet.

Advanced Tracker Systems


One other option is be a tracker system. These are available in either a collar type
system, or you can purchase a tracker unit which you can affix to your dog in any manner
you would like. You can clip it to their collar or a harness, and side note, lots of folks use
them for their kids as well.

The tracker GPS system allows the owner to see exactly where Fido has run off to, however many are limited to within only at a ten mile radius.

These trackers do need charging, they come with subscription and various fees associated to the use of the tracking system, however there are a handful that won’t require either of these charges. They are fairly durable, water resistant to a certain depth and provide the best method to locating Fido as soon as he bolts out the door. Many systems will also send you a text or email, some even give out a voice notification when your dog slips past the “safe zone” you have established; letting you know the minute one paw steps foot over the line.

Something is Better Than Nothing


GPS trackers can bring pet parents peace of mind. That is why we believe one of these options is better than using nothing at all.

Out For A Walk is a local dog walking and pet sitting service. We are committed to the safety and well-being of your beloved pets.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this blog post or pet safety, in general. We would be happy to help you find the right GPS option for your pup.


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