I Didn’t See That Coming! How I Became A Dog Walker in Los Angeles

How I Became A Dog Walker in Los Angeles

Owning Out For A Walk has proven to be such a blessing! I mean, how could loving on animals all day, meeting lots of awesome pet parents and providing jobs for dog walkers not make you smile?

It all started back in 2002. I was living in Paris, France when a friend of a friend asked if I could take care of his pup – he went away on business. Of course I said, “YES!”

Fast forward a couple of years (back in the U.S.), a friend from church asked me if I had plans over holiday break – a family she knew needed someone to look after their cat.

Duh! I was all over that – I was living in a place that did not allow animals, so a kitty fix was well overdue.

That job led to another family in the community asking me to help with their dogs, cats, chickens and cow.

I haven’t looked back since.

I finished my MBA program, started work in a corporate job with long hours, which meant my dog, Toby, was at home alone all day.

It became perfectly clear. I knew I wanted to do something that would make a positive impact in people’s lives. My dog is family; many feel their dogs are family, so why not provide a service to care for them?

And that is how I became a dog walker in Los Angeles. I didn’t see this new career path coming, but I am so thankful for the experience!

This June is one year since Out For A Walk launched and opened its doors.

I’m thankful for my God-given desire to help animals and their humans.

Thank you to the pet parents that trust us with their furry family. Thank you to my Toby for being an inspiration and all around great companion. Thank you to my human family for the love and support. Thank you to my boyfriend that shares in my love of animals (he has a dog, a cat, 2 pigmy goats, 5 chickens and a colony of honey bees).

It’s been an exciting journey so far and I can’t wait to see what the next year and beyond has to offer!

Photography by: Francisco Olea




  1. Alex Trodder

    You make a great point about how many people consider their dogs to be part of their family. Having a professional dog walking service can help enrich the lives of people’s pets. We had a very energetic black lab growing up. He always seemed to be happier when he got two walks a day. Thanks for sharing your story about how you started a dog walking company.

    • Tomika Bruen

      Thank you for the comment, Alex. And yes, most dogs do love their walkies! Take care.


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