Choosing a Veterinarian for your Cat – Los Angeles Cat Care

Choosing a Veterinarian for your Cat - Los Angeles Cat Care

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If you’re searching for a veterinarian for your cat in the Echo Park, Silverlake, Highland Park, Glassell Park, Lincoln Heights, Boyle Heights or Larchmont areas of Los Angeles, you probably have already come to the realization that it’s a little bit more complicated than searching the internet for “veterinarian” and dialing up a few different facilities, although that could be a starting point. Finding a veterinarian that meets the need of you and your cat takes a little leg work, figuratively speaking, at least. Finding the right veterinarian begins with you!

What are your needs?


Choosing a veterinarian for your cat should start with you thinking about what you expect out of a facility!


You can start by asking yourself a few key questions:

1.Do you want something close to home? Most people do, so you probably want to narrow your search area so in the event of an emergency, you can promptly make it to the veterinarian’s office.

2.Do you prefer the personal aspect of a veterinary hospital staffed by one doctor or do you prefer a larger facility with multiple doctors on site?

3.Do you want a veterinary hospital for your cat that is a state of the art facility with all of the latest technology?

4.Does your cat have any special needs or illnesses? Some facilities may have specialists, or veterinary doctors with many years of experience dealing with specific needs, illnesses or health issues that your cat is dealing with.

5.Are you working within a budget? Just as with any other pet service provider in the industry, prices may vary. Think about how much you want to spend for a routine examination or spay/neuter. You’d be surprised how much more or less certain providers charge. One or the other is not necessarily good or bad. You should just have a budget in mind.


You have defined your needs. Now what? There’s more to consider!


Now that you know what you are looking for in your search for a veterinarian for your cat, there are a few more things to consider:

1.Is the veterinary hospital AHA accredited? Veterinary hospitals that are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association have met certain requirements at defined by the AHA. These requirements are put in place to provide or increase the care that is being given to companion animals. In fact, there are seven categories in all. Some veterinary hospitals are certified in all areas, while others are certified in only one. Keep in mind that veterinary hospitals are NOT even required to be accredited by the AHA and only 12 – 15 percent of the veterinary hospitals in the entire United States are AHA accredited.

2.Does the veterinary hospital provide emergency care around the clock? Do you want to deal with a clinic, which usually has set office hours or a hospital that has staff around the clock? Again, the level of care may not be any different but you should decide on a place that will provide you with the most peace of mind. Some people will use one facility for normal procedures and will then use a 24 hour facility should the need arise. If you’re ok with the latter, just be sure you are currently researching both facilities.

3.Does the veterinary hospital let you come in for a tour? Now more than ever, facilities are opening their doors wide open to prospective clients. Whenever possible, tour the facility before you make your choice. You want to enlist the services of a facility that has nothing to hide and one way veterinary practices do this is by allowing tours of most parts of their facility. Other than being inside a surgery room, you should have access to all areas of the facility. You will want to look for a facility that is clean, organized and free of any horrible odors. This helps prospective clients determine if the feel of the hospital and what they see going on fits their vision.

4.Can you interview the veterinarian who will be caring for your cat? Many people forgo this important step. Many people think that they can get a feel for the vet on their first visit in with their cat. It’s really all about choice. However, you would hate to blindly arrive at a facility not knowing what to expect. At the very least, an interview will help ease your nerves. Keep in mind that some veterinarians’ may offer this as a complimentary service while others may expect payment to schedule you in for an interview, which is well within their right.

5.Does the veterinary hospital come with a good reputation? Ask for suggestions from neighbors and friends. Look up reviews to see how the facility is rated overall. Just keep in mind that one bad review doesn’t necessarily mean you should count that facility out. You really just want to be informed and find a place that may have a long line of happy clients.


Happy searching!


Once you have narrowed down what you want and need from a facility, make some preliminary calls to ask a few general questions. Then set up a few tours. Once you do that you’ll be in the best position to choose a veterinary hospital for your cat in Echo Park, Silverlake, Highland Park, Glassell Park, Lincoln Heights, Boyle Heights or Larchmont areas of Los Angeles.

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