October Is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

October Is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Hi, my name is Patch. I am a rescue dog and I live in Los Angeles, not too far from Hollywood.

It’s just another day. I have been fed and given fresh water and taken out for a walk. I really must say that the people that look after me here in the adoption shelter really are awesome.

I am told today may be my day. I am told that every day. It is hard to think that Los Angeles is the city
of angels and here I am now officially a rescue dog with a my scruffy brown coat, beaming eyes and happy tail.

I was found a few weeks ago, I really wasn’t in good shape but the people here in the animal rescue shelter patched me up real good. So good even the pretty young collie in the next pen has the eyes for me, I know she does.

When they found me I was a mess. I had the mange, fleas and I hadn’t eaten in days. I could barely see out of my left eye, I had been in a fight and the scratch around my eye had become infected – for two days I had a Band-Aid on it and that is why they called me patch. I just wanted to die. But someone found me and I was taken to this animal shelter.

You won’t believe just how many of us dogs are in here, yeah, there are even a few cats but because this is a shelter we are told to respect them too, and most of us do.

Last night as I sat in my kennel, dreaming of going for a walk with a family I overheard the people talking. They said that October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. It sounds great and then one of the helpers came over to me, “yes, little one” and she reached into my kennel to stroke me “you too will find a family” so today is my day, I know it is.

Anyone of us in the shelter is a great dog for anyone. We have all been given a good health check and we have all be spayed/neutered. The shelter does amazing work helping rescue other dogs and cats from all sorts of places.

I have heard stories of what it is like to be part of a family. I am even told that lots of humans say that a rescue dog is the best dog in the whole wide world. Well I know I am special and I know I will be the best dog for my future family. The dog adoption papers tell them my story, how I grew up in Los Angeles and how my parents are not known, not even to me.

I am certified as special.

Can you imagine it, me and my family going for a walk in a park or on the beach?

I am so excited, I have even had a special bath today to look even more amazing than normal.

Today is my day where a family will adopt me; I love people and especially children. For most of us rescue dogs in Los Angeles that is all we want, we just want a family to love us and take us for walks and things. We don’t ask for much and we, especially me, will give so much love back.

Oh, there goes the bell; the people will be coming in now. Okay, one last chance to look in the mirror.

Yeah I look good, ha ha, even a wink from the collie. I must be looking good. Time to look super cute, yes I can do it. Here comes the first family.

“Mommy, Mommy! Look at this little brown one, he is soooo cute!”

“Yes he is.”

“Can we take him Mommy, please, please please?”

“What does your brother think?”

“Oh Mommy he is so cute, he is the best . Sis he wants to play, look.”

“Okay, we’ll take him.”

Woohoo! They were right today is my day. I have a family, now let’s go play!

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and this could be you in this story. A rescue dog is a dog full of love – all they want is a happy home. Over 8 million dogs and cats are rescued and placed in shelters every year in the United States. More than half never leave alive. Los Angeles has thousands of rescued dogs that are all looking for a home. There are plenty of dog adoption centers across the city that will carefully help you find the right dog for your lifestyle. A rescued dog will be spayed/neutered and will be ready to be a part of your family. Find out more information at: https://www.aspca.org/adopt/adopt-a-shelter-dog-month



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