Pet Car Safety: How Do Your Pets Ride In the Car?


Pet Car Safety: How Do Your Pets Ride In The Car?

Yes, I really saw this cat riding on the dashboard!

I have also seen dogs sitting in their human’s lap. Not good…for the animal or the driver. One quick stop and the outcome could be disastrous.

I love my dog and love to take him with me on rides in the car; however, there is a much safer way to travel with pets.

Our pets are like family, right? We want to keep them as safe as possible. So, why not set them up for success at all times, including rides in the car.

There are many safety devices for pets to ride safely in our cars.


Options For Your Dog

For example, this seat belt. This is a great option for larger dogs. Simply attach the piece to the car’s seat belt connector and the other end attaches to the dog’s collar or harness. Easy-peasy!

Or how about this car seat for smaller dogs. This bucket-type seat allows your little pup to see out of the window.

This is the seat I purchased for my dog. This seat is good for smaller to medium dogs – my dog is about 18lbs and he fits perfectly. The safety strap attaches to his harness. Toby loves to ride in this seat. He sits high enough to see out of the window.

The only problem I have with the seat is the material. I purchased the black seat to match the interior of my car. The problem is Toby is a creme colored dog. The fabric rubs off on his fur, which leaves him very discolored. My solution was to put a blanket down. It helps, but if I had to do it over again, I would have chosen a lighter color.


Cat Safety Is Also Important

No, I did not forget about the felines. After all, pet safety is meant for both cats and dogs. This case is top-loaded, so no fighting your furry friend. Great for taking your pets to the vet, as well as for a safe ride on the road.

We have heard how dangerous it can be to leave your pets in a locked, hot car, but how your pets ride in the car is just as important.

It does not matter which device you choose for your pets. My point is to think of your pet’s safety while riding with them in the car – pet safety first.

Do you use one of the above items for your pet? If not, how does your furry friend ride in the car? Comment below.

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  1. Everett

    I love the advice given, very well thought-out and very well said. I’ve also seen pets riding in back of trucks on hot days with out any safety attachments. While the people are buckled in with the a/c on.

    • Tomika Bruen

      Yes, I have also seen that. Hopefully more people will start to think about their pet’s safety while riding in vehicles!


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