What Does A Daily Dog Walker Do, Anyway?

What Does A Daily Dog Walker Do, Anyway?

This is a question many doggie parents have when first hiring a dog walker.

I would want to know the answer to this question, as well. I mean think about it, you have given someone the keys to your home and access to your furry family member!

What Does A Daily Dog Walker Do, Anyway?

A dog walker’s job, in my opinion, is to not only let Fluffy out to relieve himself, but to also care for your pet in your absence.

You can choose daily dog walks, a few times a week or one day. It is totally up to you.

The walker’s job is to insure your pooch is safe at all times – that includes:

Keeping your pup safe when around other dogs, people and cars.
Maintaining control of your dog while on leash and I do suggest the walker use a leash (unless they are in an enclosed area with no possibility of Fluffy escaping).
Making sure Fluffy does not eat that strange “doggie treat” he just found on the ground. I’m sure you know most dogs are NOT picky about their “snacks!”
• Being prepared in the event of an emergency. Most professional dog walkers are Pet First Aid & CPR Certified. Fluffy is in great hands.
• Providing Fluffy with an exercise routine and structured playtime.
Showering your dog with attention and belly rubs!
Leaving you with peace of mind, knowing your Fluffy is well taken care of.

So, Who Would Hire A Dog Walker?

People hire dog walkers for various reasons. Some people:

• Work long hours and cannot make it home mid-day to take their pup out.
• Want to have their dog socialized, so hiring a dog walker for daily dog walks provides that socialization.
• Other people prefer to provide company for their pooch during the day. Bored dogs have been known to find things around the house to keep them occupied, i.e., chewing the leg on your coffee table or better yet, chewing your favorite pair of shoes.

Because of demanding work schedules, Fluffy may not get the relief he needs. This is where a dog walker comes in.

Different people have different reasons for hiring a dog walker, but their common goal is to love their pet – whether they have a puppy or an adult dog.

And, although adult dogs can “hold it” for a bit, it is still a good idea to relieve them every so many hours.

Think about how you feel after drinking a ton of water. Imagine holding that for 10 hours!

Exactly, that is how Fluffy feels!

Your turn

Could you and your pup benefit from hiring a dog walker? Fill out the Contact Us form, we would be honored to help.

Or maybe you have someone that walks your pooch – have you noticed a positive difference in your dog?



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