Saying, “I Do!”: Your Pet and Your Wedding

saying i do pet and wedding

If you are anything like me, your pet is family.

So, why wouldn’t you include them in your wedding celebration?

You mean people include their pets in their weddings??

Yes, it is becoming more and more popular. But, there are a few things to consider before you enlist Fido to be in your upcoming wedding.

All Dogs Are Not Created Equally

You know your pooch best, so ask yourself:

Is your pooch a good candidate to be a part of your wedding festivities?

*How does my dog act around strangers?
*Will my pet be okay wearing an outfit or is a new blinged-out leash more their speed?
*Is my pooch easily distracted?
*Does my dog listen to commands – sit, stay, etc.?

It would be fun to have your furry friend included in your special day, but think about your pooch and their limitations.

If you know your dog would be a natural, start to plan them into your ceremony.

But I can’t take care of my pup AND focus on my wedding day!

Exactly, that’s why hiring someone to care for your furry family member makes things so much easier on you. You do not have to do this step alone.

Focus On Being A Bride

There are multiple moving parts to coordinate on your wedding day. Including your pet does not have to be an added stress.

Let the professional:

*Pick-up your pooch and taxi them to your ceremony/reception location
*Get them dressed for the occasion
*Handle them during photos
*Take care of potty breaks
*Walk them down the aisle
*Make sure they are returned to the comfort of your home after the festivities

Still have questions?

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about including your furry family member in your upcoming wedding.

No question is a bad question! Fill out the Contact Us form and we will be sure to respond.

Congratulations on your pending nuptials!!




  1. Linda

    Oh that’s very cute , hope my patty also on my wedding show ,lol

    • Tomika Bruen

      Thank you!


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